XXI – The World Tarot Card

The World Tarot Card, numbered XXI, stands as the grand finale within the Major Arcana deck. It symbolizes unity, the achievement of goals, and the sense of completeness one feels when life’s circle meets its beginning. Encountering The World in a tarot spread heralds a time of fulfillment and successful completion, whether in personal relationships, long-term projects, or significant life milestones.

Keywords: achievement, completion, wholeness, fulfillment, success, rewards, recognition, change of place.

ZodiacLeo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio
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The World Card Tarot encapsulates the essence of completion and continuous evolution through its central imagery of a nude figure enveloped in a purple shroud, dancing gracefully within a large, verdant laurel wreath. This figure gazes backwards reflecting on the past, while advancing into the future, embodying the perpetual cycle of endings and new beginnings. In her hands, she clasps two wands reminiscent of those held by The Magician, symbolizing the fulfillment of a journey initiated by The Magician and brought to fruition in The World. The circular shape of the wreath highlights the unending cycle of life and progress. Surrounding the wreath are four symbolic creatures — a lion, bull, cherub, and eagle — mirroring those seen in the Wheel of Fortune card, emphasizing the cyclical nature of life and the progression through various stages. These figures, representing the four fixed Zodiac signs (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio), the four elements, and the four seasons, illustrate the universal balance and guidance as one transitions from one life phase to another. This tableau is framed by a ribbon of red, signifying eternity, and the figures’ presence at each corner of the card signifies a harmonious alignment of diverse energies across the universe.

The World (tarot card).

The World Tarot Card Meaning

The essence of The World card is the feeling of having everything within your reach. As a potent symbol of travel, it predicts encounters with diverse cultures and welcoming communities across the globe. It signifies the culmination of many life lessons learned through the trials faced in the journey of the Major Arcana. The World represents the pinnacle of success and the multitude of opportunities now available to you. This achievement may relate to academic pursuits, professional projects, or personal dreams like entrepreneurial ventures or family life. It’s a time to celebrate your resilience and the accomplishments that have shaped your journey.

This card radiates positive energy, suggesting that the universe is aligning in your favor. However, with great achievement comes new challenges; remember to enjoy your success without taking on undue burdens. Let The World card remind you that your hard work has brought you to this favorable juncture, so take a moment to savor your achievements and look forward to the next phase of your journey.

What Does the World Tarot Card Mean in Luck and Finances?

The World Tarot Card is a harbinger of prosperity and satisfaction in financial matters. It often appears when you have reached a significant achievement in your economic pursuits and suggests a period of harmony and balance within your financial life. If you have recently cleared a debt, accumulated savings, or made a significant purchase, the card indicates that these are the fruits of your labor and it’s time to celebrate these victories.

Looking forward, it encourages you to consider your long-term financial goals. It’s a prompt to reflect on how your financial stability fits into the broader picture of your life and to plan accordingly. In its reversed position, The World might suggest a stagnation in financial satisfaction, urging a reassessment of material desires and financial strategies. If you feel that you have not reached your financial objectives, The World in its reversed state advises perseverance and consistent effort to achieve those goals.

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Meaning of the World Tarot Card in Gambling

In gambling scenarios, this card often forecasts a time when your calculated efforts and strategies might be rewarded, leading to success and a sense of personal accomplishment. This card indicates favorable circumstances, suggesting that engaging in gambling might be advantageous at this time, as long as it is done with moderation and careful consideration. Although The World is generally seen as a positive indicator in the realm of gambling, it also emphasizes that triumph is not just a matter of chance but involves a strategic and prudent approach to risk-taking. It is crucial to remember that gambling should be practiced responsibly and that, despite The World being an encouraging sign, it does not assure outright success.

The World – Yes or No Reading

In yes or no readings, Tarot Card The World is a definitive yes. It embodies completeness, unity, and the successful culmination of a journey or venture. If you draw The World in response to a question, consider it a confirmation that you are on the right path. This card reflects a full-circle moment, suggesting that the phase you are querying about is reaching its destined conclusion. Take this as a sign to proceed with confidence, knowing that the universe supports your endeavors and is guiding you towards a fulfilling conclusion.